It is time for the Microwave Journal annual predictions for 2022. Swami Hindle and a group of companies including ADI, Renesas, Vicor, Movandi, Wilson Electronics, SEMPRE and Ericsson give their industry predictions and trends for the future. Here is what Swami Hindle is predicting:

  • Design engineers will turn their attention to 5G Advanced enhancements with 5G NR Release 18 published and Research will turn its full attention to 6G.
  • mmWave will finally take off with FWA, IAB and repeater applications for 5G plus SATCOM applications (I probably said this last year and the year before) but there will be much consolidation of mmWave companies.
  • 4D automotive radar with optical systems will show the way to full level 5 autonomy for cars. These sensors will also start to be implemented on vehicles such taxis, moving trucks and vehicles, e-scooters and e-bikes.
  • Hypersonic missiles and defense systems will be tested several times by the US and China.
  • China and the US competition in the area of Quantum Computing will heat up with each setting several records for the number of qubits
  • The flavors of GaN will expand widely in use cases where each makes sense: GaN on SiC, GaN on Si, GaN on diamond, high voltage GaN, epiGaN, etc.
  • 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing will expand widely in RF/microwave applications from PCBs to antennas to waveguides.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be widely used for circuit/device optimization to set new levels in performance/efficiency and be more widely implemented in devices/circuit simulation.
  • Drone delivery services and drone remote monitoring (for farm monitoring, bridge/power line inspection, etc.) will be implemented widely.
  • Precision positioning will take off with several consumer and industrial applications.

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