Qorvo® introduced the industry’s first fully integrated T/R front-end module (FEM) family capable of delivering up to 10 W of saturated RF transmit power in a small, 7 x 5 mm land grid array package. Using Qorvo’s heterogeneous packaging techniques, this new FEM product family delivers the power density, reliability and reduced size needed for next-generation X-Band radar and surveillance platforms.

The flagship product, QPF5010, can generate 10 W of power, which is 3x greater than the closest competitive solution, while operating between 8 to 12 GHz (X-Band) and delivers an industry-best power added efficiency (PAE) of 30-40 percent. It achieves this by using GaN and GaAs solutions for the four functional blocks, including the T/R switch, power amplifier, low-noise amplifier and limiter. Qorvo also offers pin-compatible 5 W (QPF5005) and 2 W (QPF5002) solutions as part of the product family.

The QPF5010 provides engineers with a high performance FEM in a compact size to make design, layout, assembly and test easier to achieve, allowing for shorter design cycles and faster time to market. With three different power ratings (10 W, 5 W, 2 W) in the same package configuration, the family delivers flexibility for more advanced designs, eliminating the need to create new and unique layouts for each power rating.

The integrated surface mount technology design also dramatically improves overall reliability and extends mean time between failures by eliminating many of the potential failure points inherent with discrete PCB alternatives. Procurement and supply chain challenges are reduced due to a smaller bill of materials. The heterogenous multi-chip module packaging capability can be extended to other frequency bands and applications as needed.

Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo's High Performance Solutions business, said, "The QPF5010 is the culmination of years of listening to what our customers need, and strong collaboration between our design engineering, manufacturing and materials engineering teams to deliver. We are committed to advancing the state of the art in RF technology for decades to come."

The QPF5010, QPF5005 and QPF5002, with the following specifications, are available for sampling to qualified customers.






Frequency Range

8 - 12 GHz

8 - 12 GHz

8.5 - 10.5 GHz

Rx Noise Figure

2.2 dB

2.1 dB

2.2 dB

Rx Small Signal Gain

25 dB

25 dB

24 dB

TX Large Signal Gain

22 dB

25 dB

20.5 dB

TX Saturated Power

10 Watts

5 Watts

2 Watts





Package Dimensions

7 x 5 mm

7 x 5 mm

7 x 5 mm