The International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2021 event will be held in-person at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga., on June 7-9 with a virtual event held on June 20-25. Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI) will be attending the exhibition (Booth #1331). 

Come visit VDI’s booth to see demonstrations of the latest mmWave and THz test and measurement equipment including: 

    6G THz Testbed: Using VDI’s compact converters, band pass filters and waveguide amplifiers along with Keysight’s arbitrary waveform generator, signal generator, digitizer and vector signal analysis software, we will be demonstrating wideband signal generation and analysis around 140 GHz. 

    THz Noise Characterization: VDI now offers noise sources up to 220 GHz. Using a VDI noise source and a spectrum analyzer extension (SAX) module along with Keysight’s spectrum analyzer and noise measurement software, we will be demonstrating noise figure and gain measurements 110 to 170 GHz. 

    PXI VNA to H-Band: VDI will be making S-parameter measurements at H-Band (90 to 140 GHz) using the Keysight Streamline VNA. 

    1 mW at 1 THz: VDI offers standard (full waveguide band) signal generator extension (SGX) modules up to 1.5 THz. VDI also offers customized narrowband, high-power amplifier, multiplier chains. VDI will be showing a 1 mW at 1 THz source being measured on the VDI/Erickson PM5B.