This eBook explores several topics relevant to radar performance, beginning with an article describing a radar architecture enabled by improved processing: the “holographic” or staring radar. The second article discusses how the performance of radars with complex waveforms can be assessed using sophisticated power measurement to characterize pulse operation and using noise signals with statistical power measurement to identify nonlinearities in the signal chain. Moving to the benefits of GaN on radar performance, Qorvo describes how increasing the operating voltage to 65 V increases device power density and power-added efficiency, to 9 W/mm and 80 percent, respectively. A second article from Qorvo compares the additive phase noise of linear and saturated amplifiers and between PHEMT and HBT processes. The eBook concludes with an interview with Dean White, director of Qorvo’s defense and aerospace segment, who shares his perspective of market needs and how Qorvo is aligning its process and product roadmaps to serve them.

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