Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) is now offering traditional NP0, High-Q 1111 (0.110” x 0.110”) capacitors for wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI and radar applications; are available in magnetic or non-magnetic 100 percent RoHS tin or tin/lead terminations (90 percent Sn 10 percent Pb solder, SnPb 90/10) terminations; and  are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123. The 1111C/P series is also available with microstrip leads.

1111C/P series:

Size: .110” x.110”

Value Range: 0.1pF – 10,000pF

WVDC: 500V

Extended WVDC: 1500V

TCC:    C: 0 ± 30 PPM/°C (-55°C to 125°C)

                  0 ± 60 PPM/°C (>125˚C to 200˚C)

             P: +90 ± 20 PPM/°C (-55°C to 200°C)

Magnetic Design Kits

DKD1111C01  1.0-10 pF

DKD1111C02  10-100 pF

DKD1111C03  100–1000 pF

DKD1111C04  1000-10000 pF

DKD1111P01  1.0-10 pF

DKD1111P02  10-100 pF

DKD1111P03  100–1000 pF

DKD1111P04   1000-10000 pF

Non-Magnetic Design Kits

DKD1111C05  1.0-10 pF

DKD1111C06  10-100 pF

DKD1111C07  100–1000 pF

DKD1111C08  1000-10000 pF

DKD1111P05  1.0-10 pF

DKD1111P06  10-100 pF

DKD1111P07  100–1000 pF

DKD1111P08   1000-10000 pF



Engineering design kits for the 1111C/P case size are available in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations.