Wireless technologies are consuming increasing amounts of frequency bandwidth, requiring electronic systems and their components to reach higher in frequencies. One of the key components for transmission and reception of high-frequency signals and for testing at high frequencies is the antenna. The newest waveguide horn antenna from premiere developer and manufacturerRFspin, model DRH110, covers enough spectrum for a wide range of mmWave applications. With a broad frequency range of 14 to 110 GHz, it is now available from diversified distributor Impulse Technologies and it is built to last for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

That broad frequency range is made accessible through a single 1.0-mm female coaxial connector for ease of interconnection in commercial, industrial, medical, and military systems, including in communications and test applications. Model DRH110 is impedance matched for use in 50-Ω systems and achieves low VSWR of 2.10:1 or better to minimize signal reflections both on transmission and reflection. The waveguide horn features high radiation efficiency to conserve power, with power-handling capability of 4 W with CW signals and 8 W with pulsed signals, such as in millimeter-wave radar applications. 

The broadband, weather-resistance antenna is composed of corrosion-resistant materials—gold-plated aluminum and stainless steel. It is lightweight, 22 g (0.049 lb.), enough for airborne applications. The waveguide horn antenna is a compact fit for many millimeter-wave applications, with width of 18.6 mm (0.732 in.), height of 15.7 mm (0.618 in.) and depth of 31.9 mm (1.256 in.). 

The model DRH110 waveguide horn antenna is available from Impulse Technologies, worldwide distributor of electronic products for many markets, including aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical, military and scientific research markets. Impulse backs its global coverage and extensive inventory with outstanding professional services, including engineering, export licensing, repair and test.