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Contact: Umut Bulus
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Antenom Antenna Technologies
Universiteler Mah. Ankara
Anten'it is the game-changing antenna product family of Antenom Antenna Technologies. Anten'it Antenna Training Kit, Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit, Research Kit, Multi-Antenna Kit and Phased Array Kit are 5 different products in this family. There are metal cells, dielectric cells with 3 different dielectric constants, connectors and ground planes in the kits. The cells are in brick form which make them re-usable. Anten'it Antenna Training Kit is for antenna laboratory lectures. It is the only kit to teach antenna design directly in front of a network analyzer. Students can design their own antennas, iterate and see the results simultaneously. Antenna Research Kit is for research purposes at the universities. It saves universities to spend their budgets on infrastructures and materials. Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit is for antenna engineers. Antenna engineers fabricate prototypes in order to reach the final product and requirements. Anten'it kit saves antenna engineers from prototyping costs. Engineers can also design antennas directly in front of a network analyzer. Multi-Antenna Kit is for researchers and system engineers who use antennas but not antenna designers. They have different antenna needs with different electromagnetic requirements. Multi-Antenna Kit has a datasheet booklet with more than 100 antennas and antenna building instructions covering all antennas the datasheet booklet. Researchers and system engineers can follow the steps in antenna building instructions, build antennas and use. Phased-Array Kit is for engineers working about phased arrays. 5G engineers, phased array radar engineers need this kit to build different antenna array configurations and different antenna types working at different frequencies.
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