For the emerging number of mmWave applications above 100 GHz, the model ITI-110-170-15-6 low-noise amplifier (LNA) from Impulse Technologies offers 15-dB typical gain over the wide frequency range of 110 to 170 GHz. It features typical noise figure of 6 dB over that high frequency range. The broadband LNA is equipped with UG-387 as the standard waveguide flange on the RF input port and WM-1651 (WR-65) waveguide on RF port.

The robust mmWave amplifier is designed for typical supplies of +3 VDC and 30 mA and is rated for maximum peak input voltage of +7 VDC and maximum operating voltage of +5.5 VDC. The amplifier can maintain acceptable performance levels while operating at case levels as high as +45°C. Developed for use at relatively low signal power levels, the amplifier will maintain a fairly cool package and environment because of the limited signal power at such high mmWave signals.