Ampleon announced their participation at the virtual International Microwave Symposium (IMS) that will be live-streaming from August 4 to 6, 2020. Comprising a virtual exhibition and a comprehensive series of technical presentations, industry workshops and panel sessions, delegates can register on the IMS website. 

Ampleon will present a pre-recorded technical presentation “2.6 GHz compact 40 W fully integrated three-way Doherty for 5G applications” lead by Marc Vigneau (IMS microapps reference TUMA6). This showcase will be available from 08:00 PDT on Tuesday, August 4 through September 30, 2020. 

Ampleon invites delegates to arrange virtual booth meetings, during which technical staff will be on-hand to answer product and technical questions and give an update to customers on the company’s ongoing product strategy.

Products highlighted at the virtual booth include a new range of UHF-TV, VHF and FM broadcast demo boards, a recently introduced range of 50 V GaN RF transistors for high power CW operation, and a new line-up of 65 V extremely rugged drivers using Ampleon’s advanced rugged transistor platform. 

Moreover, additional information will be accessible to attendees looking to discuss Ampleon’s popular sub-6 GHz BLP9H0610-60PG MMIC PA driver and BLP9H10S-850AVT final stage PA, and the Open-RAN N78 band-proven 5 W LDMOS Doherty PA transistor, the BLM10D3438-35AB.

Ampleon technical staff are also be available to give insight into their 5G mMIMO product strategy that will see a number of new sub-6 GHz products launched during 2021. These include families of a high performance GaN-based PAs, a cost effective DPD-friendly LDMOS PAs, and a highly integrated mMIMO PA modules.