Modelithics has joined the GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) RFwave Partner program, helping the clients of both to accelerate product development with Modelithics characterization and modeling.

Modelithics provides custom measurement services from DC through 170 GHz, including S-parameters, noise parameters, 1/f noise, load- and source-pull, CW and pulsed I-V and X-parameters.

GF’s RFwave program is an ecosystem of companies offering mmWave test and characterization, design, IP and EDA solutions. The goal of the program is to aid designers developing RF products for wireless applications such as IoT, wireless connectivity, 5G and automotive radar.

Modelithics successfully demonstrated its RF, microwave and mmWave testing services by characterizing noise parameters from 2 to 50 GHz on GF’s 130 nm RF SOI platform and measuring noise, S-parameters and IP3 on 28 GHz LNAs from −40°C to 125°C. The LNAs were fabricated on GF’s 22FDX®, a 22 nm FD-SOI platform.

Modelithics recently announced it is supplying test fixtures, including fixtures compatible with wafer probing, and related calibration products.