Modelithics has acquired the ProbePoints™ substrate fixture assets from Jmicro Technology, including test fixtures and probing accessories for testing semiconductor devices and packaged products. The popular ProbePoint alumina substrate fixtures enable RF wafer probes to test devices without ground-signal-ground probe pads.

Larry Dunleavy, president and CEO of Modelithics, said, “The key to Modelithics long-term success is that our team knows how to consistently get excellent measurement data that become the basis for our high accuracy models. Since our founding in 2001, we have been making custom fixtures and in-fixture calibration standards, as well as using Jmicro fixtures, where applicable. With the launch of this new test fixture product line, we are now prepared to help others who want to make their own measurements with better fixtures and on-board calibration standards.”

With the legacy Jmicro ProbePoint fixture products, Modelithics plans to offer other standard and custom microwave and mmWave test fixtures and calibration standards, using its 20-year experience with fixturing and calibration.

Designers can obtain test fixtures and accessories through Modelithics, a company known for precision measurements and trusted models. Modelithics has established its reputation in the RF/microwave industry through its characterization and measurements services and measurement-based active and passive simulation models, such as the Modelithics COMPLETE Library. Its model libraries are available for multiple popular EDA tools.