Palomar Technologies announced that SST Vacuum Reflow Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Palomar Technologies, is offering a 25 percent discount off the retail price of the SST 3130 programmable vacuum reflow oven with the trade-in of an SST DAP series furnace.

The SST 3130 is a programmable, deep chamber, resistive heat vacuum and pressure furnace for void-free solder joints without the use of flux. Multiple options, including a high temperature range, Formic Acid system, and moisture and oxygen analyzers, allow the 3130 to be used for a wide range of microelectronics components, packages and materials making it particularly beneficial for creating high-reliability electronic components. Some typical applications for the SST 3130 include:
• Fiber Optic Laser Package Assembly
• GaAs/GaN die attach
• Glass to metal seals
• Brazing
• Pressure sensors

DAP owners trading in their units receive additional benefits, including compatibility between the SST 3130 existing DAP tooling sets, free transfer of 5 DAP process profiles, and full support for the SST 3130. The SST DAP series furnaces were discontinued in 2001 and are no longer supported by SST. DAP includes series 700, 1100, 2200, MV2200.