Pixus Technologies now offers an OpenVPX chassis platform that supports both 160 mm deep (standard OpenVPX) and 220 mm deep (SpaceVPX™) boards.

The open frame chassis features up to four slots at 1.0” pitch of each board depth type.  The modular enclosure allows various board pitches to be utilized at 0.2” increments. Card guides to support both air-cooled boards and conduction-cooled boards are standard. There are also 220 mm deep card guides that are wider to support extra thick SpaceVPX conduction-cooled boards per VITA 78.   

Pixus offers a wide range of 3U or 6U OpenVPX backplanes, including versions that utilize the ultra rugged KVPX connector per VITA 63. The chassis includes an optional modular 600 W or 1,200 W power supply for up to 6 VPX voltages. Power interface boards per VITA 62 are also an option.  

Pixus offers backplanes, chassis platforms and specialty products in various modular open standard architectures. The company provides enclosure solutions in 19” rackmount, ATR/Rugged, development and specialty small form factor designs.