Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has a new 10U RiCool chassis that supports single, dual or N+1 redundant power suppliers that plug in from the rear of the enclosure. 

The 10U RiCool chassis features a 6U OpenVPX or SOSA aligned backplane in up to 16 slots at 1.0” pitch and speeds to 100 GbE. The enclosure is extra deep to enable rear pluggable power supplies. This additional space also allows RF devices or other modules to fit within the rear of the chassis. The enclosure also supports a pluggable SOSA aligned chassis manager or a rear mezzanine approach that fits behind the backplane without taking up any slot space.  

Each of the two reverse impeller blowers support 191 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow for a powerful cooling solution in a front-to-rear airflow configuration.  The highly efficient and hot-swappable fans typically run under 59 dB.  Various I/O and power options are available, along with optical or RF interfaces through the backplane.  

Pixus offers OpenVPX and SOSA aligned chassis in commercial grade and MIL rugged formats.  The company also has options for other VITA and PICMG based standards such as VME, CompactPCI Serial, SpaceVPX, xTCA and more.