Pixus Technologies announced a new 4U 19” rackmount chassis with a horizontal loading configuration with a front-to-rear airflow approach. The enclosure supports 3U, 6U or a hybrid mix of OpenVPX and SOSA aligned boards.  
The 4U tall chassis platform supports up to 6x SOSA™ aligned or OpenVPX 6U boards.  Alternatively, the form factor can be divided into dual segments that can host  up to 12x boards in the 3U OpenVPX size.  
Backplanes are available in various sizes and SOSA or VITA profiles with speeds to PCIe Gen4/5, 100GbE and beyond. Optical and RF interfaces through the backplane per VITA 66/67 specifications are also standard.  The chassis can accept either a fixed modular PSU or a pluggable version that is compliant to VITA 62.  
Pixus offers 1U-4U tall horizontal orientation 19” rackmount systems in industrial-grade designs as well as MIL rugged and semi-rugged options.