The 3D Smith chart tool, that enables the understanding and use of both 2D Smith chart and 3D Smith chart, is now available for free for all undergraduate, master and PhD students. The 3D Smith chart is an ideal educational tool for the fast and simple understanding and matching use of both 2D and 3D Smith charts in both Z/Y configurations when using resistances, capacitors, inductors, in series or shunt configuration, transmission lines or stubs. The tool also has an advanced analysis mode for S-parameters, stability circles, power levels, group delays and quality factors making it a new software for the measuring stage or design stage of microwave devices. The simultaneous display of a variety of parameters form imported touchstone files speeds up the analysis phase and helps in the optimizations of the high frequency devices. 

The 3D Smith chart tool extends the Smith chart capabilities for the first time since the 1939s to make it usable for circuits with negative resistance based on a unit sphere that plots circuits with reflection coefficient magnitudes larger than one by mapping them as arcs on the 3D sphere. The South-represents active areas with negative resistance, North areas represent passive with positive resistance, East inductive and West capacitive. (North pole: perfect match, South pole infinite mismatch). Additionally since 2019 it includes frequency visualization too within the 3D space-spotting the clockwise and counter clockwise dependencies as frequency sweeps in real-time.

Contact 3D Smith Chart at or via the contact form at to request your free trial version and see if you qualify. See our video below for more information on the tool’s capabilities.