3D Smith Chart Tools S.R.L. has released a revolutionary and powerful learning, analysis and design tool for RF/microwave engineers: the 3D Smith Chart. The 3D Smith Chart is the first commercially available software tool that enables new capabilities for RF/microwave designers that were not available using the original Smith chart introduced in 1939. First proposed in 2011, the 3D Smith Chart can represent both active and passive microwave circuits on a spherical plot. Using the mathematical concept of the Riemann sphere, the extended reflection coefficient plane is transformed into the surface of the unit sphere. Since the 3D Smith Chart compiles the whole complex plane, all possible loads can be plotted on the chart, which is not possible on the traditional Smith chart. Lossy lines with complex characteristic impedances can also be represented.

The 3D Smith Chart tool is well suited for both educational and professional use. The intuitive interface allows users to easily find normalized matching circuit solutions and enables new capabilities not available with the traditional Smith chart, such as plotting negative resistance, quality factor, power level and group delay. In addition to 3D visualization and insight, the tool preserves the functions of the traditional Smith chart.

Perpetual licenses are available from €49.99 to €99.99. Visit www.3dsmithchart.com for more information and purchase.

About 3D Smith Chart Tools S.R.L.
The 3D Smith Chart was developed by an international team of scientists and programmers, including Dr. Andrei A. Muller, Telecommunications Engineering – Valencia, Spain; Dr. Alin Moldoveanu, Computer Science – Bucharest, Romania; Dr. Victor Asavei, Computer Science – Bucharest, Romania; and Cristian Fleischer, Web/Deployment Expert – Zürich, Switzerland. It was first proposed in the technical article by A. A. Muller, P. Soto, D. Dascalu, D. Neculoiu and V.E. Boria, “A 3D Smith Chart Based on the Riemann Sphere for Active and Passive Microwave Circuits,” IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 286-288, June 2011.

3D Smith Chart Tools S.R.L.
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