Arralis, announced the launch of their new flat panel (FP) technology aimed at satellite communication systems. The product is seen as a potential solution for high data rate communication, internet network, deep space exploration, aerospace research and CubeSat platforms as they become increasingly popular. To support various types of commercial ventures and industry needs, Arralis has developed FP technology that allows easy integration with other CubeSat modules. 

The LE-KaFP30000 flat panel technology, designed by Arralis, is a high-performance solution for modern communication systems. It can be used for satcom as well as 5G comms systems. Offering a small profile and flat geometry, this technology enables wide operational bandwidth, good polarization purity and a modularized design to meet customer requirements. It benefits from fusion bonding technology to provide maximum possible efficiency and minimal power wastage.   

An 8 x 8 version is presented at the show operating in Ka band with matching bandwidth of 27 to 30 GHz and 3 dB axial ratio bandwidth of 1.2 GHz. The Axial ratio bandwidth can be increased up the matching bandwidth subject to customer demands.

“The addition of this latest FP technology to Arralis’ suite of devices allows us to provide a complete communication solution for our customers with all Arralis developed products, harnessing our unique design expertise. We can provide optimized and tailored solutions for our customers in accordance with their specific requirements, based on our high-performance K/Ka band Leonis chipset and FP technology.’’ said Dr. Yasin Kabiri, principal antenna engineer at Arralis.

The Leonis chipset was developed to meet the growing demand for low cost K/Ka band satellite equipment, that is simple to interface with current digital internet hardware. Applications include 5G communications, airborne high-speed Wi-Fi, low earth orbit mega constellation communications, drone constellations and SAT-Drone-Ground data networks, satellite to automotive connectivity, connected vehicles, last mile and remote internet solutions, IoT and M2M communications.