LitePoint and EMITE are proud to announce that LitePoint’s IQxel‐MW 7G test instrument has been successfully integrated in combination with EMITE E600 RC OTA Test System. IQxel‐MW 7G is the first fully integrated tester for Wi‐Fi 6 and Wi‐Fi 6E up to 7.3 GHz. With the upcoming new generation of WLAN 802.11ax devices operating in the 6 GHz band, the combination of E600 and IQxel‐MW 7G enables automation of measurements for OTA characterization of the latest 802.11ax devices in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands. 
“The collaboration with LitePoint reinforces EMITE ́s commitment to WLAN OTA new frequencies, enabling a connected ecosystem to fully express the potential of a diverse range of devices at new frequencies" said Jose Antonio García, CTO for EMITE. “We are excited to establish a new role in WLAN testing and with this milestone, EMITE continues being at the cutting edge of this technology”.
“The 6 GHz band is essential to delivering an optimized Wi‐Fi 6 user experience, and we are pleased to collaborate with EMITE to provide our customers an integrated Wi‐Fi OTA test solution with the IQxel‐MW 7G that will simplify and accelerate the development of Wi‐Fi 6 and 6E products,” said LitePoint's  Director of Product Marketing, Adam Smith.