Verizon Wireless has approved the use of EMITE H-Series CATR 5G CATR OTA Test Platform for its 5G NR RF OTA Test Plan. The approval comes after a three month laborious evaluation with other key players. Test Labs, OEMs and interested parties can now select and purchase the test platform and start intense 5G testing services.

Telecom Carriers, Device Manufacturers (OEMs), Test Labs and Chipsets Manufacturer, use EMITE 5G Test Platforms FR1+FR2 worldwide, and can now use them also for running Verizon 5G NR RF OTA Test Cases and submit official results to Verizon.

“This is a very important breakthrough. The ability to independently test 5G devices and combine the platform with different instruments in a fully automated manner with simultaneous operation in both FR1 and FR2 and a unique gNBe smart control represents the state of the art in 5G OTA testing, and Verizon has just rewarded such quality with an approval after a lengthy and meticulous evaluation,” said David A. Sánchez Hernández,

Partner, Founder and CEO of EMITE Ingeniería, S.L,. “We are not done yet, the future is challenging for 5G OTA testing, and we expect more positive news in the future. The 5G co-operation with Verizon has just started.”

5G explosion is expected to happen during 2020, and all players are working hard for getting ready for this new “industrial revolution.” “EMITE is working well on addressing the right investments and technological advances every year, keeping in mind that competition is fierce in this market segment in which everyday motivation, as this important good news, becomes essential,” commented Lorenzo J. Martínez-Moya, CFO of EMITE.