Agile Microwave Technology (AMTI) has introduced a 2 to 18 GHz wideband power amplifier (PA) with a saturated output power of 15 W.

The AMT-A0350 has a typical small-signal gain of 43 dB with ±1 dB flatness. Matched to 50 Ω, the amplifier’s VSWR is 1.8:1. The PA is biased with +28 V DC and typically draws 2.7 A.

The PA is offered in a compact, non-hermetic module with SMA connectors.

AMTI achieves the PA’s performance is achieved using proprietary matching technology.

The AMT-A0350 is well-suited for testing, lab applications, electronic warfare and communication systems where broadband amplification and power are required.

AMTI offers a family of PAs, competitively priced, that ship from stock or with a short lead time.