Microwave Dynamics, a world leader in high-precision microwave and millimeter wave components since 1993, has released a new line of 10 W Amplifiers 6 to 18 GHz.

Features include:

  • High power output up to 10 Watts
  • High gain 30 dB min
  • Compact Design 2.75” x 2.125” x .812”
  • Input Limiter Model is Optional
  • Low VSWR (2.5:1 max)
  • 2-18 GHz to be released soon
  • Low Supply Voltage (+ 10V Typical)

For more information visit: http://microwave-dynamics.com/high-power-amplifiers-10w/

Microwave Dynamics (MD) designs and manufactures free running and phase-locked oscillators, low noise amplifiers, high power amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, transceivers and sub-assemblies for commercial, aerospace, and defense/military customers. With applications on land, sea, air and space, Microwave Dynamics products are designed to perform under extreme environmental conditions, such as intense shock vibration and high temperature variance. Designs are geared to maximize stability and minimize noise.

Microwave Dynamics is Small Business Certified, AS9100:2009 Certified and on the Approved Supplier List (ASL) of several major aerospace companies and system integration firms throughout the world. Microwave Dynamics products are 100% U.S. made and subject to rigorous testing, quality control protocols, and documentation procedures. Microwave Dynamics offers 48 hour delivery on standard catalog products.