Modelithics has completed several lab upgrades to improve and expand its measurement capability and characterization services. The upgrades bring enhanced measurement capabilities to many of Modelithics’ characterization services, including IV, S-parameter, X-parameter, load-pull, impedance and noise measurements.

These measurements are used to characterize devices for model development, verify device performance versus design and independently validate production lots.

Recent measurement additions include

  • Form Factor (formerly Cascade) Summit probe station with semi-automated probing capability, which expands the temperature measurement range to −50°C to +150°C.
  • Upgraded IV equipment from Maury Microwave and AMCAD, now providing 30 A and 250 V pulsed IV, pulsed S-parameter and pulsed load-pull, with pulsed load-pull to 1 kW. The system includes a long pulse width option for more accurate thermal and time constant characterization and modeling.
  • Upgraded Keysight PNA-x nonlinear VNA to the PNA-x B model. This nonlinear VNA accesses the latest state-of-the-art measurement and analysis features related to X-parameters, noise, multi-port and differential measurements, enabled through expandable hardware and software.
  • Expanded impedance and S-parameter measurements, validated with frequency coverage from 5 Hz to 170 GHz and higher bands available through partnering arrangements.

Modelithics’ in-house capabilities are supplemented through collaborations with instrumentation leaders like Maury Microwave, Keysight Technologies and others. Modelithics is a Keysight Solutions Partner.