RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a Ka-band, GaN, solid state power amplifier from Aethercomm. Model number SSPA 20.0-24.0-40 operates from 20 to 24 GHz and delivers a typical output power of >40 W.  The SSPA 20.0-24.0-40 can be blanked on and off in less than 10.0 uSec.  OIP3 is 50 dBm minimum.

 This SSPA operates from a +28 Vdc power supply with standard features such as reverse polarity protection and output short and open circuit protection.

 Offered in a modular housing that is approximately 4.0" (w) X 5.0" (l) X 2.0" (h), DC and logic connections are accessible via feed through pins. The RF input connector is an SMA female while the RF output connector is WR-42 waveguide.

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