Empower RF is pleased to announce the release of model 2223, a single band solid state GaN system amplifier, capable of delivering a minimum 150 W across its entire .6 to 6 Ghz  band.

Equally suited for the production floor, engineering lab, or anechoic chamber, the 2223 comes complete with internal DDC, external forward and reverse sample ports, and an easy to use web served GUI with dedicated features for simplifying integration into your test application.

For Machine to Machine (M2M) applications the 2223 utilizes TCP/IP or UDP protocol sockets.  In depth health monitoring with alarms visible on the front panel are also pushed out the LAN port.  

Additional features include

  • 400Hz and DC Optional
  • Mismatch Tolerance 3 to 1 to Full Rated Power, 6 to 1 up to ½ Psat
  • High MTTF’s
  • Touchscreen plus Remote Monitoring and Control via Web Browser
  • Automatic Level Control  (ALC) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Available
  • Accurate Monitoring for CW/FM/AM/Pulse/Digital Modulations