Ampleon announced a compact, dual-stage 250 W CW LDMOS RF power module designed for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications in the 2400 to 2500 MHz ISM band. Typical RF energy applications are industrial heating and drying, plasma lighting and solid-state cooking.

The high-efficiency BPC2425M9X2S250-1 module delivers a peak output of 290 W CW or 300 W pulsed, with an efficiency of 59 percent CW or 61 percent pulsed and a gain of 31 dB, when biased with 32 VDC. The module is matched to 50 Ω at input and output, which simplifies the design-in process by removing the need for any tuning or matching components outside the module.

The BPC2425M9X2S250-1 uses Ampleon's LDMOS process and is assembled on a multilayer board with integrated heat spreader, incorporating a temperature sensor to monitor and control its operating temperature. It measures 72 mm x 34 mm, a compact and lightweight solution simplifying system design and manufacturing by lowering component count and minimizing space, essential aspects of space-constrained products.

Each production module is DC and RF tested and X-rayed to ensure customers achieve high quality, reliability and consistency.