Integra Technologies (, a leading designer and supplier of high-power RF and microwave transistors and amplifiers, offers a IFF avionics transistor offering 120 W peak output power using GaN/SiC technology.

Designed for IFF avionic applications, IGN1011L120 is a high power GaN transistor, specified for use under Class AB operation. This transistor operates at 1.03 - 1.09 GHz, and supplies a minimum of 120W of peak pulse power, at 50V bias voltage and 6.4% duty factor. Assembled via chip and wire technology, utilizing gold metallization, this unit is housed in a metal-based package and sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.

This 100% high power RF tested transistor for new designs has 17dB of gain and a drain efficiency of 75% at ELM Mode S pulse conditions: 48x (32us On, 18us Off), 6.4% duty cycle.

To learn more about IGN1011L120, download the full datasheet here