For L-Band avionics systems, Integra Technologies has developed a 1200 W GaN on SiC power transistor.

The IGN1011L1200 covers 1.03 to 1.09 GHz and provides a minimum of 1200 W peak pulse power and 75 percent efficiency with a 6.4 percent duty factor, biased at 50 V. A GEN-2 device, the GaN transistor has a typical gain >17 dB.

A chip-and-wire assembly using gold metallization, the IGN1011L1200 is housed in a metal-based package and sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.

This L-Band transistor is specified for use under class AB operation and requires a negative gate voltage and bias sequencing. The device is 100 percent tested for RF power using a tuned RF test fixture.

Download the datasheet for the IGN1011L1200 at