As many are aware, the change in frequency regulations from 865 to 868 MHz to the new band of 915 to 921 MHz had not been approved in several EU countries, causing a delay in implementation throughout many areas of Europe.  In a collaborative initiative, AIM, AIM Europe and RAIN have been working  with GS1 and Connectwave (formerly CNRFID) to get approval of a compromise new frequency plan for UHF.

For many months, representatives from AIM, AIM Europe, RAIN and others have met with the regulatory representatives of the member states of Europe in an effort to get a compromise between the railways, RAIN RFID and other IoT users of the band. 

AIM is pleased to report the EU vote on this effort took place on 11 July 2018 and the compromise plan was passed.

Starting in February 2019, three channels of 4 W e.r.p. transmission will be allowed at 916.3, 917.5 and 918.7 MHz.   This means the use of RAIN RFID can now move ahead with a harmonized usage across all of Europe.

While the final documents will not be released by the EU until sometime in the fall of 2018, you can read or download the Chairman's Report now.  The final decision document, when released, will have an updated cover but is expected to look similar to the working document published earlier this year.