CRFS has launched a new software tool called RFeye DeepView. DeepView is unique in two key ways. Firstly, it allows the user to analyze the RF spectrum in precise detail, to discover signals of interest that might be intermittent or hidden in the noise. It also enables the user to analyze vast data sets with unprecedented ease and speed; datasets that would normally take days to review can now be analyzed in minutes.

Often signals of short duration and low power, especially those that cause sporadic interference, can be extremely difficult to isolate and identify within the vast amount of data present in the RF spectrum. DeepView helps the user to rapidly search and drill down to a specific time and frequency and isolate a signal of interest. The I&Q data of a nanosecond burst can then be exported for further analysis or demodulation.

“The RF spectrum is becoming increasingly congested, which makes it easier for signals of interest to be concealed or lost amongst other transmissions,” said Jon Bradley, CRFS, VP Sales. “DeepView helps users quickly and easily drill down and isolate the signal they are interested in. This can then be viewed and analyzed in extremely high resolution.”

“The power of DeepView,” continued Bradley, “is fully realized when it is used with the RFeye Recorder. The high bandwidth recorder can capture spectrum data up to 18 GHz, with no loss of resolution or fidelity. With DeepView and Recorder, you never miss a signal. For example, we had a customer who was experiencing interference on one of their systems. By using DeepView and Recorder, they were able to record and analyze the spectral data, find the source of the interference, and counteract the issue in a matter of hours.”

DeepView has many applications in military, regulatory and test environments. For example, in surveillance scenarios the ability to find, record and analyze short, low power transmissions can be vital to understand and exploit signals. DeepView is also beneficial in hunting for interference that could negatively impact the performance and safety of avionic, radar and communications systems.

DeepView was specifically developed by CRFS to answer its customers’ real-world challenges.

“We are driven by the requirements of our customers,” said Bo Peng, CRFS Technical Services manager. “They pointed to the need for a highly portable system to record and forensically analyze the RF spectrum, and the team have delivered on that, with a clear, simple but extremely powerful interface. All the customers who have seen it have been wowed!”

RFeye DeepView and Recorder form part of the CRFS suite of spectrum monitoring and analysis solutions, designed for military, security services, spectrum regulators and systems integrators.