* SPDT RF Relay

MWJ5216 The model RF 2X1 SPDT RF relay is designed for remote switching of VHF signals. The unit provides high isolation and low loss in the frequency range from DC to 900 MHz, and isolation is approximately 60 dB with an insertion loss of approximately 0.5 dB. The switch is ideal for broadband or IF control switching in cable and wireless systems. Three F connector ports are mounted on one side for ease of connection and placement. Eight-foot leads are provided for control voltage, and the power requirement is 30 mA at 12 V DC (approximately 300 mW).

Alaun Electronics,
La Canda, CA (888) 810-0333.

Circle No. 216

* SP6T Radial Solid-state Switch

MWJ5217 The model SWN-1140-6DR-DEC-SP reflective SP6T radial solid-state switch works from 0.5 to 18.0 GHz with an insertion loss of < 1.0 dB (typ) at 0.5 GHz and < 2.45 dB at 18.0 GHz. Video transient is < 320 mV at 300 MHz bandwidth and < 100 mV at 20 MHz bandwidth. SWR is better than 2, and isolation is = 90 dB at 0.5 GHz and = 40 dB at 18 GHz. Switching speed is < 60 ns delay ON and < 40 ns delay OFF. Supply voltages for the switch are +5 V at 31.3 mA and ­12 V at 44 mA. Weight: 2.0 oz. (typ). Size: 1.25" × 1.25" × 0.4".

American Microwave Corp. (AMC), Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700.

Circle No. 217

* SMA Phase-adjustable Adapters and Connectors

MWJ5220 The Coaxicom 3993 phase adjusters offer a precise and simple means of phase adjustment over frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. A phase adjustment nut that is locked into place after setting provides the user with incremental changes in electrical length at 10°/GHz. The series is offered as an in-line adapter or as a direct solder SMA plug for semirigid cable. All models can also be specified for 4.0, 8.0 or 12.4 GHz operation. The units eliminate cable trimming and allow phase matching to be done at the final production stages. The 3993-1 adapter operates to 18 GHz, with an adjustment range of 180° (min) and a maximum SWR and insertion loss of 1.30 and 0.42 dB, respectively. The 3993A adapter operates at 4 GHz with an SWR of 1.10 (max) and an insertion loss of 0.2 dB. The 3993-2 and 3993-3 phase-adjustable connectors have SMA plugs for 0.141" and 0.086" semirigid cables, respectively. Their performance is essentially the same as the adapters.

Coaxial Components Corp.,
Stuart, FL (866) 262-9426.

Circle No. 220

* High Power Termination

MWJ5219 The model 150-WT-FN high power termination was designed utilizing thermal imaging photography to ensure even heat distribution. It offers a power rating of 150 W (avg) at 25°C and an impedance of 50 W (nom). The frequency range and SWR are DC to 1 GHz at 1.10 (max) and 1 GHz to 2.4 GHz at 1.25. N female connectors are included, and the operating position is horizontal or vertical. Size: 4.850" × 5.400" × 4.30". Weight: 2.5 lb.


BCP (Bird Component Products),
Largo, FL (727) 547-8826.

Circle No. 219

* Mini Coax Connector System

MWJ5223 The har-pak® mini coax connector system is a high contact density modular connection system using cutting-edge back plane wiring techniques. Excellent crosstalk characteristics make the connectors ideal for many applications in the wireless telecom market. Noted for its rugged, compact board-to-board interconnections, the system is flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of cable assemblies, such as SMA, SMB and N-type. The modules are available in various sizes, offering two to 10 coax lines per module. Both the straight and angled connectors feature blind mating board-to-backplane RF connection and are press-fitted with flat rock tooling. The system also features board-to-cable RF interconnection and float plate solutions for blind mating of heavy subassemblies. Price: $28 (100).

Harting Inc. of North America,
Elgin, IL (877) 741-1500.

Circle No. 223

* Miniature Monolithic Crystal Filter

MWJ5221 The model ATFN6024A monolithic crystal filter offers a miniaturized package size that does not compromise the performance of the three-pole crystal filter housed within. It is specifically designed for use in multimode phone, digital TDMA, two-way radio and telecommunications infrastructure applications. In addition, the filter offers increased functionality and operates in the 73 to 135 MHz frequency range. It can be customized to operate at higher frequencies. Size: 3.8 × 3.8 mm.

CTS Corp., Elkhart, IN (800) 757-6686.

Circle No. 221

* 14-position Coaxial Switch

MWJ5222 The model 5E1J-5808 14-position coaxial switch developed specifically for the automated test equipment market is best used as a building block to provide various switching solutions. Its most typical applications are switch matrices and switchable filter banks. The SP14T switch is normally open and has an operating voltage of 24 V DC over the DC to 13 GHz (upgradable to 18 GHz) frequency range. SWR is 1.6, insertion loss is 1.6 and isolation is 50 dB (min).

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

Circle No. 222

* 30 A Power Relays

MWJ5218 The AZ2700 series power relays have the capacity to handle up to 8310 VA plus 4 kV di-electric, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications from HVAC to UPS systems to microwave ovens. Mounting options include PCB, E bracket, screw and panel mount. Connections are PCB or 0.250" quick-connect. Price: $3.79 (1000).

American Zettler Inc.,
Aliso Viejo, CA (949) 831-5000.

Circle No. 218

* Solid-state Matrix Switch

MWJ5226 The model 12321 32 × 32 output solid-state matrix switch features a DC to 24 MHz frequency bandpass, crosspoint verfication, and RS 232C and IEEE-488 interfaces. Typical applications of the non-blocking full fanout switch include routing NTSC video, HF antenna switching and automatic testing. Size: 5.25" × 19.00" × 25.00".

Matrix Systems Corp.,
Calabasas, CA (818) 222-2301.

Circle No. 226

* Low Cost Coaxial Power Interconnect

MWJ5224 The PowerDirect™ low cost coaxial power interconnect delivers high currents as close to the integrated circuit as possible. The new power distribution architecture provides an extremely low inductance and resistance path from the power source to its destination. The current carrying capacity is 50 A, providing transients (slew rates) as high as 400 A/µs with a minimal required board area of only 0.11 square inches. PowerDirect technology combines a high performance coaxial interconnect with an optimal PCB layout pattern to provide a cost-effective solution for power delivery directly to high performance semiconductor devices. Benefits include low PCB surface and interplane area and improved PCB routability. There are several interconnect methods for the PowerDirect including plate-through-hole screw and surface-mount technology.

INCEP Technologies Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 547-9925.

Circle No. 224

* 50 and 75 W Rotary Step Attenuators


MWJ5228 The models MDC2017 (50 W ) and MDC2717 (75 W ) rotary step attenuators offer the user a  selection of frequency coverage, step size and dynamic range. Dual concentric attenuators are also available, where the outer control knob steps in either 0.1 or 1.0 dB steps, depending on the model. All units are available for panel mounting, or two or more units can be supplied cascaded for bench-top operation. Connector options include SMA, N, BNC, TNC and F (75 W units only).


Islandia, NY (800) 637-4353.

Circle No. 228

* Japanese Band CDMA Duplexer

MWJ5225 The model WSD-00179 high performance Japanese band CDMA duplexer offers low insertion loss and excellent selectivity in a small size. It is configured with a transmit passband of 832 to 870 MHz and a receive passband of 887 to 925 MHz, and features 1.5 dB (max) insertion loss and 15 dB (min) return loss within each passband. The unit offers channel-to-channel isolation of 70 dB (min), with transmit-to-antenna rejection of 20 dB (min) from DC to 810 MHz, 70 dB (min) from 887 to 925 MHz and 50 dB (min) from 925 to 2775 MHz. Antenna-to-receive rejection is 70 dB (min) from DC to 870 MHz and 50 dB (min) from 1000 to 2775 MHz. Applications include filtering for pico, micro and macrocell base station installations, and general-purpose handset or equipment test systems. Size: 4.65" × 4.20" × 2.75", excluding type N-F connectors.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 225

* International C-band Bandpass Filter

MWJ5227 The model 11383 international C-band waveguide bandpass filter is installed between a television receive-only feedhorn and the low noise amplifier or low noise block to suppress strong out-of-band interference caused by marine or airport radar systems. The filter has an insertion loss of 0.5 dB (typ) at the center frequency and 1.25 dB (max) (1.0 dB typ) at 3.6 and 4.2 GHz. Suppression is 25 dB (min) at 3.55 and 4.25 GHz. The flanges are rectangular CPR229G (grooved) and CPR-229F (flat). The unit measures 5.375 inches long (flange to flange) and is also available in lightweight aluminum construction (model 11383AL).

Microwave Filter Co. (MFC),
East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666
or (315) 438-4700.

Circle No. 227

* Ultra-thin Frequency Mixers

MWJ5229 The model ADE-1MH ultra-thin 0.108" frequency mixers cover the 2 to 500 MHz frequency band. At midband, the mixers have low 5.2 dB conversion loss (typ) and good 50 dB L-R, 45 dB L-I isolation (typ). The mixers are patent-pending and level 13 (LO). Price: $5.95 each (10?49).

Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

·         Circle No. 229

* Low Intermodulation Isolator

MWJ5231 The model INA-0808 isolator operates over the 869 to 894 MHz frequency range with an insertion loss of 0.2 dB (max), isolation of 25 dB (min) and SWR of 1.2 (max). Intermodulation is < ?110 dBc and the operating temperature range is ?40° to +60°C. SMA female connectors are provided. Size: 1.50" × 1.50" × 0.75".

Narda?an L-3 Communications company, Folsom, CA (916) 351-4550.

Circle No. 231

* Miniature Transformers

MWJ5232 This new family of miniature RF transformers is available in a variety of impedance ratios and operates over wide frequency bandwidths from 500 kHz to 1.5 GHz while maintaining a flat frequency response. These small, surface-mount transformers are used to match impedances, step-up/step-down voltages and create DC isolation, as well as convert the circuit from balanced to single ended. The miniature package makes these transformers ideal for space-constrained RF applications, including cable modems, set-top boxes, wireless and cable network infrastructure equipment, and other high frequency communication systems and Internet devices. The transformers are available with and without centertaps in both DC-isolating and non-DC-isolating configurations. Size: 0.15" × 0.15" (3.81 × 3.81 mm). Price: 99¢ (10,000).

Pulse, San Diego, CA (858) 674-8100.

Circle No. 232

* IMD-free Diplexer

The model W1840D diplexer was designed free of intermodulation distortion (IMD). Standard dual +43 dBm input signals produce less than ?140 dBc of IMD. The unit covers full PCS bands with < 1.2 dB insertion loss. Band centers RX/TX isolation is > 90 dB. Return loss on the W1840D is > ?16 dB and power capability is > 50 W. SMA or type-N connectors are available. Size: 2.0" × 2.0" × 9.0".

Wireless Technologies Corp.,
Springdale, AR (501) 750-1046.

Circle No. 239

* Single Junction Isolators

MWJ5233 These isolators are designed for high performance, AMP, GSM, DCS 1800 and PCS 1900 frequency bands, and provide better than 25 dB isolation, < 0.25 dB insertion loss and 25 dB (min) return loss over the ?10° to +85°C temperature range. The units are ideal for use in base station combiners, amplifiers and other filter subsystems, and can handle up to 70 W reverse power. They are designed using strip line technology and have a solid body with a screwed-in lid. Designs are free of NdFeB magnets. Large quantities are available on short notice and at competitive prices.

SDP Components Inc.,
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
(514) 428-8749.

Circle No. 233

* Bulk Cable Products

MWJ535 The Vital Links™ series flexible cables offer a wide range of options specifically designed to provide extra performance margins for applications with demanding specifications. The DB and SI series are an economical performance upgrade over standard RG178, RG316 and RG142 cables. The SW series is a cost-effective, microporous PTFE cable group offering much better flexibility and performance than solid TPFE cables. The KW series is a flexible, high power and ultra-low loss cable group. KW800 has a loss factor of only 2.2 dB/100 feet at 1 GHz and can be formed by hand into a four-inch-diameter loop without using special mandrels or bending apparatus. The HP series offers excellent SWR performance and low loss for applications up to 50 GHz.

Semflex Inc., Mesa, AZ (800) 778-4401.

Circle No. 235

* Multilayer Chip Inductors

MWJ5238 The HK series high Q-value multilayer chip inductors reduce EMI, increase battery life and improve overall efficiency in cell phones, pagers, notebook PCs and other products employing high frequency circuits. The inductors also feature 100 percent silver internal conductors, advanced dielectric ceramics and unique fabrication techniques to achieve superior price/performance characteristics in small case sizes. They offer extremely low DC resistance values, from 0.04 to 1.10 W (typ). The series is surface mountable and available on tape and reel for high speed manufacturing. Price: 3¢ to 8¢ per piece (depending on part) in OEM quantities.


Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc.,
Schaumburg, IL (847) 925-0888.

Circle No. 238

* RF Coaxial Connectors

MWJ5237 This line of C-series coaxial connectors handles up to 3000 V peak and is designed for high voltage semiconductor, wafer processing, sputtering and research applications. The connectors feature overlapping Teflon dielectrics to provide a longer electrical leakage path, which allows them to handle up to 3000 V peak. Male and female designs for both semirigid and flexible cables are available in straight, right-angle and bulkhead configurations. Manufactured in accordance with MIL-STD-348 and MIL-C-39012 specifications, the connectors can be made with TruLustre, silver- or nickel-plated brass or aluminum shells, and silver- or gold-plated brass, phosphor bronze or beryllium-copper center conductors. Price: $19.95 each, depending upon configuration and quantity.

Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878
or (978) 532-0775.

Circle No. 237

* High Power Stripline Mountable Circulators

MWJ5266 These high power, low loss tab-mount circulators and isolators designed to protect solid-state circuits are available over a 10 percent minimum bandwidth in the 1 to 3 GHz frequency range. Various models cover IFF, PCS and radar bands. The units are rated at 300 W CW and 3 kW peak power, and typically provide greater than 20 dB isolation, 0.2 dB loss and 1.25 SWR. SMA connectors are an option. Size: 1.25" × 1.33" × 0.75".

UTE Microwave Inc., Asbury Park, NJ (732) 922-1009.

Circle No. 266

* High Frequency Coaxial EMI Filters

MWJ5236 The dual-polar series solder-in style high frequency coaxial EMI filters are available in C- and L-sections and offer EMI suppression from 1 MHz to 10 GHz. They are ideal for the satellite construction market, for high volume usage in test and measurement equipment and for microwave repeater applications. The dual C- and L-section filters replace two individual filters, decreasing the size and weight of the systems in which they are used, thereby reducing overall costs. The series meets MIL-PRF-28861 standards and is offered with a working voltage of either 50, 100 or 200 V DC and a minimum capacitance of 10,000; 2700 and 5000; or 100, 500 and 1000 pF, respectively. Price: $3 to $5 (1000).

Sierra-KD Components,
Carson City, NV (775) 887-5700.

Circle No. 236


* S-band, Solid-state RF Amplifier

MWJ5240 The model SSPA 2227-80 high power, S-band, solid-state RF amplifier (SSPA) covers in excess of 500 MHz of bandwidth from 2.2 to 2.7 GHz. This class AB SSPA offers greater than 30 dB of gain and a minimum of 70 W across the band. Typical output power from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz is greater than 100 W. The amplifier offers 35 percent efficiency (typ) across the band with a noise figure of < 5.0 dB. Input/output SWR is better than 2.0, and the unit operates from+12 V DC over a ?40° to +85°C temperature range. Size: 4.00" × 8.25" × 2.50".

Aethercomm Inc., San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340.

Circle No. 240

* 3 V GaAs PA Driver Amplifier

The model RF2367 low noise CDMA/TDMA/GSM PA driver amplifier has a frequency range of 150 to 2500 MHz and is optimized for operation in the DCS and PCS bands for applications where low transmit noise power is of concern. In addition to its use as a DCS/PCS driver amplifier, the new IC can also be used for a variety of applications including WLAN or other wireless systems in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Operating from a single 3 V power supply, the RF2367 features adjustable bias current, a high intercept point and power down control. The device's performance at 1880 MHz includes 21.5 dB gain, +24 dBm ouput IP3 and 2.2 dB noise figure.

RF Micro Devices, Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233.

Circle No. 241


* Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

The model DB794CM5N-KU indoor/outdoor ceiling-mount, single-monopole, corner reflector antenna features high directional gain with reliable coverage of up to three bands, including GSO1800, PCS1900 and UMTS frequencies in the 1710 to 2200 MHz range. The antenna was specifically designed for high capacity pedestrian venues that require reliable mass voice and/or data communications. Typical applications include walkways, concert halls and convention centers. Its light weight and compact size allow the DB794CM5N-KU to be inconspicuously situated indoors with minimal disruption to its surroundings. Weight: 0.5 lb. Size: 5.0" × 5.0" × 5.0".

Decibel Products, Dallas, TX (214) 631-0310.

Circle No. 242

* High Gain Directional Panel Antenna

The model PCW24-01518-BFL 18 dBi panel antenna covers the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz frequencies and provides 15° of horizontal and vertical beamwidth. Size: 15.75" × 15.75" × 4.00".

HD Communications Corp.,
Systems Group, Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 588-9661.

Circle No. 265

* Microwave Heater Horn

MWJ5234 The model 0023-800 high power horn for use in industrial microwave process heating operates at 2450 MHz and features a special throat geometry that creates waveguide modes for very uniform near-field power density. In use, materials to be heated or dried are placed a short distance from the horn aperture and heating occurs much more uniformly than with a standard horn, eliminating hot spots and optimizing process control. The 0023-800 is designed for sample dimensions up to 12" square, though other sample dimensions can be accommodated on order. SWR is 1.08 (max).

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.

Circle No. 234


* Miniature Ultra-flat Schottky Detectors

MWJ5244 These miniature ultra-flat detectors utilize a zero-bias Schottky design. The microwave power is coupled directly to the extremely small components, reducing package parasitics and transition mismatches. The design results in a very low SWR and a flat, smooth output over a wide bandwidth. Options available include negative or positive output, choice of three output connectors and operation to 26.5 GHz. The detectors operate over a 0.01 to 18.5 GHz frequency range with 100 mW input power (max). The operating temperature range is ?55° to +100°C with video resistance of 5000 W (nominal).


RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334.

Circle No. 244

* Low Capacitance, High Voltage Schottky Diode

MWJ5243 The model SMS3925-079 40 V, 0.6 pF RF Schottky diode is designed for use as a level detector in wireless handsets and for general-purpose switching applications. It is packaged in the surface-mount miniature SC-79 package, and is designated for low cost, high volume applications. Price: 17¢ (100,000).

Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA (781) 935-5150.

Circle No. 243

* Detector

MWJ5245 The model STZ500 detector for telecommunications and wireless applications operates over the 0.01 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. It has a positive output polarity and a video load of = 1 M W . In addition, the STZ500 handles an input range of 0 to 20 dBm over a temperature range of ?55° to +125°C.


Signal Technology California Operation, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 773-3744.

Circle No. 245


* Crimp Tools

MWJ5246 The models CT-400/300 and CT-240/200/100 crimp tools are designed to work with LMR® cables size 400 and smaller. The CT-400/300 works with all LMR-400 and LMR-300 cables and crimp-style connectors while the CT-240/200/100 is compatible with all LMR-240, LMR-200 and LMR-100 cables and crimp-style connectors. Crimp dies are integral with both tools. LMR cables are flexible, non-kinking low loss RF transmission line cables that utilize easy-to-install connectors and are suitable for use as antenna feeders, system jumpers and interconnects.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8424.

Circle No. 246


* Common Mode Logic IC

MWJ5247 The model SY5581 AnyGate™ Common Mode Logic (CML) IC can be configured as any of the nine most common two-input logic functions, providing unparalleled flexibility for designers of ultra-high speed systems. It is capable of being configured as either AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, DELAY, NEGATION or 2 MUX. Operating from a wide voltage range of 2.3 to 5.7 V, the outputs are guaranteed to toggle to at least 2.5 GHz. The part uses CML logic levels for all I/Os and is compatible with legacy PECL and LVDS interfaces. Price: $10.80 (1000+). Delivery: stock to eight weeks (ARO).

Micrel Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 944-0800.

Circle No. 247


* Integrated Assembly and Manufacturing System

MWJ5249x13 The model 7323 integrated assembly system provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution for the precision manufacturing of microdisplays and liquid-crystal displays (LCD). With LCD dimensions as large as 2" square, it is well suited to the manufacturing of personal and projection microdisplays and LCDs for personal electronics displays, wearable computers, head-mounted displays and mobile phones. By performing parallel operations, the system produces throughputs as high as 250 units per hour (material presentation and process dependent). The 7323 tightly integrates tacking, alignment, bonding and unloading operations. Designed for use as either a complete stand-alone production cell or as part of an overall automated production environment, the system uses a flexible Windows NT® -based programming and control environment.

MicroJoin, Poway, CA (858) 877-2100.

Circle No. 249

* Solder Stencil Capability for PCB Production

A solder stencil capability has been added to the company's environmentally friendly systems for the production of prototype circuit boards. Stencils ensure the application of precisely defined amounts of solder paste to PC boards for optimum SMD connections, replacing compressed air techniques that often result in bubbles and bridges. A typical stencil can be produced in less than 10 minutes, which allows it to be used for short run prototyping work in design labs. Stencils accommodate pads as small as 10 mils in diameter with a minimum pitch of 20 mils between pad centers. Stencil thickness can be selected in the range from 3 to 5 mil. To complete the assembly, a ZelFlex stretching frame is included to mount the stencil for precise positioning. A low cost pick-and-place system is also available to automate component assembly.

LPKF Laser & Electronics,
Wilsonville, OR (800) 345-5753.

Circle No. 248

* Automated Installation System

MWJ5258 The CRESCENDO™ installation system is designed for automatic, rapid and accurate installation of GORE-SHIELD® EMI gaskets. It is intended for high volume application of EMI shielding gaskets, protective acoustic covers and thermal interface products used in hand-held portable devices. The system is the fastest technique available for EMI gasket application, with installation rates of up to 12 cycles per minute. With a compact design, it can be integrated with automated assembly lines to minimize or eliminate labor content.

W.L. Gore Associates,
Newark, DE (302) 738-7880.

Circle No. 258


* Harmonic Balance Simulator

MWJ5250 The HARBEC harmonic balance nonlinear simulator allows the designer to specify any number of fundamental tones for analysis and to co-simulate EM, linear and nonlinear circuits. The engine also uses artificial intelligence techniques to find and incorporate the best convergence strategy. In the GENESYS design environment, EM, linear and nonlinear circuit co-simulation is nearly transparent. Behind the scenes, GENESYS automatically recognizes the lumped components, removes them, adds internal ports and runs the EM simulation. The multiport data are transparently included in a circuit theory simulation. Once the initial design is complete, the lumped components can be interactively tuned or automatically optimized at high speed. This capability brings the accuracy of EM simulation to the design of nonlinear circuits. Price: $4990.

Eagleware, Norcross, GA (678) 291-0995.

Circle No. 250

* Guided Scalar Measurement Software

MWJ5251 This guided scalar measurement software allows the 6800 series scalar and system microwave analyzers to be configured so that unskilled operators can simply and precisely perform complex or repetitive measurements. It allows the instruments to be customized for short-run production measurements on components, assemblies and subsystems, for cable and waveguide installation measurements in aircraft and ships and for radio link feeder testing. The software also allows for sensitive measurement parameters, such as frequency, to be suppressed. Once set up, the software uses a series of screens to guide the operator in: selecting the pre-defined measurement or test such as insertion loss, return loss or fault location; setting the relevant measurement options for accessories; calibrating the instrument; connecting the device under test; and carrying out the desired measurement. Price: $990.

IFR Systems Inc.,
Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352
or (316) 522-4981.

Circle No. 251

* RF Analysis Software

SpurFinder 2.02 helps a designer to evaluate various frequency conversion schemes and provides a quick idea of the pre-selection and post-selection filter rejection requirements for the conversion scheme. It also draws a mixer spur chart showing the output frequencies of all mixer spurious products for a given range of frequencies. The latest version includes many improvements, such as the new Slider Bar, which lets the user slide a cursor across the input frequency range, and a table displays the output mixer spurious products and their frequencies in real time. The designer can also use this program to pick the conversion scheme with the best spurious performance. Price: $129 or $29 for an upgrade to Version 2.

R.A. Wood Associates,
Utica, NY (315) 735-4217.

Circle No. 252


* Miniature OCXOs

MWJ5253 The 270 double oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) series rivals rubidium clock performance and drops into a standard European CO-08 footprint. Available with an output frequency between 4.8 and 90 MHz and utilizing a full-size TO-8 quartz resonator, the oscillator performs to the stability required for Stratum II and IIe, GPS and TDMA PCS applications. The device operates over a ­30° to +70°C temperature range with steady-state power consumption of 5.5 W (typ). Typical RF output is +9 dBm ±2 dB sinewave (into a 50 W load) with < ?30 dBc harmonics and ?80 dBc spurious levels. The 270 series is also ideal for phase noise related issues, delivering ?100 dBc/Hz at a 1 Hz offset and ?155 dBc/Hz at a 10 kHz offset for a 5 MHz unit. Size: 1.423" × 1.071" × 0.765".


MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc., Newburyport, MA (978) 465-6064.

Circle No. 253

* Surface-mount DTCXO

MWJ5254 The QED 110-AH/BH digital compensation temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (DTCXO) achieves a stability of ±0.4 PPM over the operating temperature range of ?40° to +85°C. Designed for use in test equipment and man-pack and handset military radios, the unit operates with a supply voltage of 3.3 V DC (5 V upon request). It is available in a frequency range from 1.25 to 110 MHz, and current compensation is as low as 4 mA for the 3.3 V models, depending on frequency. The phase noise floor is ­150 dBc/Hz and the overall phase noise performance is matched to the frequency stability achieved. The
QED 110-AH/BH has a low aging rate, which in the first year is < ±1 PPM (typ) and ±4 PPM (typ) total aging in 10 years. Size: 0.79" × 0.51" × 0.39".

TEMEX Components,
Phoenix, AZ (623) 780-1995.

Circle No. 254


* I-Q Vector Modulator

MWJ5255 The model 7328H I-Q vector modulator operates over a frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz and includes an enhanced modulation rate of > 50 MHz via 12-bit ECL control inputs for both I and Q channels. In addition, its high performance characteristics include an attenuation range exceeding 60 dB, with variation of amplitude vs. temperature of 0.04 dB/°C (max). Operating over a temperature range of ?40° to +70°C, the unit provides a full 360° of phase shift, absolute insertion phase accuracy vs. frequency of ±15° and a variation of phase vs. temperature ±2°C (max). Size: 6.00" × 3.12" × 0.50".

General Microwave Corp.,
Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2000.

Circle No. 255

* Low Cost, High Performance Synthesizers

MWJ5256 The CFS HP series synthesizers feature phase noise of ?100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset at C band, as well as a tunable C band or Ku band and a fixed L band. The units are built with a low profile construction and can be fitted with a parallel or serial interface. Applications include use in dual-conversion up- and down-converters.

Miteq Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY (631) 436-7400.

Circle No. 256


* Digital Microwave Radio

The 3000 series SONET/SDH digital microwave radio features the XPIC (cross-polarization interference cancellor) technology that allows transmission on both the horizontal and vertical polarity of any given frequency pair, making it possible to transmit up to 16 155 MB OC-3s in the 6 GHz band. This makes the radio one of the highest capacity long-haul microwave products on the market and offers network operators a complete solution by accommodating OC-3 needs with the flexibility to transport up to 48 DS3s or 1344 DS1s. The radio also features a modular design, various systems applications, excellent threshold/interference ratio and standard automatic transmitter control, synchronization flexibility, advanced operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning, as well as low power consumption and convection cooling.

NEC America Inc.,
Irving, TX (888) 632-9283.

Circle No. 257


* RF Vector Network Analyzers

The PNA series RF vector network analyzers combines fast measurement speed, low noise, dynamic range and comprehensive automation and connectivity. It is an entirely new family of instruments designed to exploit state-of-the-art technologies and incorporate the Windows® 2000 Professional operating system, which links the measurement environment with the PC environment. The instruments combine fast sweep speeds, wide dynamic range, low trace noise, four measurement receivers with direct access and 9 GHz frequency coverage. The Windows operating system provides the full power of network connectivity and allows designers to use a variety of tools for automated test, such as COM/DCOM and programming languages, as well as Microsoft® applications for the post-processing of measurement data.

Agilent Technologies,
Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4822, ext. 7127.

Circle No. 259

* Direct Receiver Access Models

The models MS4622C and MS4623C direct receiver access (DRA) models are members of the company's Scorpion® family of vector network measurement systems (VNMS). Both allow increased flexibility in testing amplifiers not conveniently handled by other models and can use an external test set selected by the user. In addition, they have the ability to measure nonlinear effects in mixers, enhanced antenna measurements over the GPIB and high power amplifiers, making them both complete high performance measurement solutions. The MS4622C provides measurement capabilities from 10 MHz to 3 GHz and the MS4623C provides the same measurement capabilities from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. Both can include a second synthesizer for ease in intermodulation distortion and multiple test port measurements. Price: $28,500 for the MS4622C and $33,500 for the MS423C. Delivery: six to eight weeks (ARO).

Anritsu Co.,
Microwave Measurement Division,
Richardson, TX (800) 267-4878.

Circle No. 260

* Handheld Microwave Oven Leakage Meter

The model HI-1801 microwave oven survey meter provides an easy and inexpensive way for public health agencies and services technicians to check for microwave leakage. Durable, compact and portable, the instrument is not susceptible to damage caused by excessive fields. The HI-1801 provides 2450 MHz frequency response with 0 to 10 mW/cm2 and ±1 dB accuracy. Response time is 2 to 3 seconds and maximum power density 2 W/cm2 continuous. Size: 2.87" × 4.2" × 2.2".

Holaday Industries Inc.,
Eden Prairie, MN (877) 465-2329.

Circle No. 271

* Photodiode Meter

MWJ5261x13 The model 2500 photodiode meter is designed for testing of laser diode modules (LDM), and has the capability for very fast low level current measurement, optical power measurement and extended voltage output. It also provides more targeted functionality for testing and controlling LDM than any comparable instrument. The model 2500 has a space-saving footprint and has been fine-tuned to provide the essential features, high speed and repeatable performance needed for efficient production testing in the rapidly growing LDM industry. The built-in picoammeter can resolve currents as low as 10 femtoamps, which supports more precise dark current measurement. The architecture of the model also supports greater measurement flexibility and includes a built-in ±10 V/±100 V voltage source that offers the extended range needed to power a variety of user-selected photodetectors, including large-area and avalanche types. Software drivers for LabVIEW™ and LabWindows™CVI are available with the model 2500 for easier development of test programs and test software packages. Price: $7995. Delivery: four to six weeks.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (888) 534-8453.

Circle No. 261

* Power Meter

MWJ5262 The model 9000B low cost, high performance CW power meter uses a diode-based power sensor and can measure power levels from ?39 to +20 dBm and cover frequencies from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. The power meter is completely portable and can be used for swept measurement. It is designed to offer excellent measurement speed at all power levels, auto zero and dB relative mode, and operation on internal rechargeable batteries that offer greater than 12 hours of operation, and includes an internal fast battery charger. The 9000B has a built-in 50 MHz, 0 dBm reference oscillator and V/dB output port for swept scalar measurement system and auxiliary display and bus reading when used with a DVM.

Sunnyvale, CA (408) 734-5999.

Circle No. 262

* Cellular Phone Production Test System

MWJ5263 The TS7100 cellular phone production test system is a ready-to-go solution for the mass production of mobile phones to both present and upcoming standards. The integrated open system platform TSVP has 31 slots for test cards based on CompactPCI and PXI industry standards. The software library with GSM, CDMA and AMPS sequences covers all common mobile radio production tests. The TS7100 is compact and easily integrated into existing production lines.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH and Co.,
Munich, Germany
+49 89 4129-13779.

Circle No. 263

* Rugged Temperature Probe

MWJ5264x7.5 This rugged temperature probe provides high accuracy temperature sensing under the harshest conditions. The integrated stainless-steel sensor well/hermetically sealed connector is resistant to moisture, vibration, mechanical shock, temperature shock and corrosive environments. It is available in both thermistor and Pt RTD element versions; several options are available for connector type and probe style.

Sensor Scientific Inc.,
Fairfield, NJ (973) 227-7790.

Circle No. 264


Stuart, FL