HUBER+SUHNER will be showcasing the latest additions to its extensive RF portfolio at this year’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS2018), taking place June 10-15 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Alongside the recently announced RFEX, the first connector dedicated to RF Energy and PSM, the high-power, low weight solution for space applications, IMS2018 will see the introduction of additional new cabling solutions developed for applications where flexibility and performance are key.

Designed for industrial applications including military vehicles and naval systems, the Spuma RS is the latest addition to the HUBER+SUHNER family of low-loss RF cabling. The unique and modern solution is encased in a TPU jacket material making it flame-resistant, with uncompromised flexibility, meaning it can cope with the physical stress associated with mobile defence applications. At the same time, the patented rotary swaging technology allows for the combination of increased flexibility with low signal loss.

Also being presented at IMS2018 will be the broad HUBER+SUHNER portfolio of multicoax solutions, essential for responding to the needs of bench-top and system testing, internal cabling in automated test equipment as well as meeting the growing demands for digital transmission in space applications. The company’s MXP and MXPM interconnect solutions in particular, provideexcellent signal integrity, high density and user-friendly experience.  

“We are proud to unveil our ever-expanding RF portfolio to the attendees of IMS2018,” said Stephanie Jarno, instrumentation market manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “We want to provide customers with innovative solutions for their complete connectivity. From board connector to cable harnesses our current RF portfolio exemplifies this element, as our solutions can be used cross-industry as needed.”

Another new addition to the high-end test assemblies’ portfolio, the SUCOFLEX®526V/526S, will be on display at the booth. Featuring a unique cable and connector design which guarantees best-in-class phase and amplitude stability vs. flexure, movement, temperature and tensile stress, this particular cable also provides an outstanding return and insertion loss of up to 26.5 GHz, with HUBER+SUHNER already having a 50 GHz option currently in development.

“We are launching several new products at IMS2018 as it is the prominent annual gathering of industry leaders from the RF and microwave community,” added Jarno. “We have a loyal customer base who attend IMS and we are looking forward to discussing and demonstrating our new solutions and plans for the future.”

Other technologies on display at the booth include: PC1.0, precision 110 GHz portfolio, MMPX, high performance snap 80 GHz interface, NEX10, low PIM interface constant over temperature (CT) cable family, innovative metalized antenna technology as well as a live demo of the MXP 50 GHz solution+ at the booth.

Visitors to IMS2018 can find out more about the solutions on display from HUBER+SUHNER at Booth #1116, June 10-15 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa.