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Offering a cost-effective alternative to original equipment manufacturer VNA cable solutions, the new TestPro VNA test cables have been specially designed to withstand the rigors of test laboratory use and production testing for 50Ω communications systems. The test cables are available as single cable or phase-matched pairs and are delivered in three standard lengths of 25, 38 and 48 in.

Available in 40, 50 and 67 GHz options, the TestPro VNA test cables have a guaranteed maximum phase and loss change. This is significant and essential because amplitude and phase variation following VNA calibration causes inaccurate S-parameter measurements. These phase-stable cables are available in both male and female versions and either 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm or 1.85 mm diameters.

To endure the rigorous treatment and harsh environments that test cables are often subjected to in the laboratory and in production, the TestPro VNA series is designed to be robust: the braided stainless steel armoring surrounding the coax provides a rugged, self-locking, flexible cable with a flex life exceeding 50,000 cycles. While robust, the TestPro VNA cable assemblies are still able to offer precise phase and amplitude stability when flexed and provide good accuracy and long-lasting intervals between recalibration.

As they provide accurate measurements with phase and amplitude stability, offer long calibration intervals, a high degree of flexibility with no spring-back and are long-lasting, the TestPro VNA series is particularly applicable for VNAs, testing in laboratory environments and critical measurements.

Paris, France