Radiall has introduced its new cost-effective ECG cable assemblies and SpO2 interface cables for OEMs that provide patient monitoring equipment in the global marketplace. In addition to the standard range, these cables and connectors can be customized and designed in a wide variety of cable, connector and contact, and yoke configurations in order to meet customer requirements.

ECG cables feature fully shielded main trunk cables and patient lead wires to ensure signal integrity in high EMI and high noise environments. Trunk cables with three, five or ten lead wires can be supplied separately or integrated as a monobloc. Lead wires have non-detachable banana, snap-on or clip endings. Monoblocs are primarily used for emergency situations in order to save critical time when placing patient sensors and making connections.

SpO2 interface cables are available with all existing cable types used by major OEM manufacturers. In addition, Radiall has the capability to customize cable and connections by mixing contact configurations including fiber optic channels into the connection.

All of the company’s medical cables are designed and manufactured in accordance to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and products meet industry global standards and certifications such as IEC and AAMI.