Nokia AirScale base station antennaT-Mobile has selected Nokia to supply a US-wide, multi-band, 5G network operating at 600 MHz and 28 GHz. Nokia will begin building the network during the second quarter of 2018, completing deployment during 2020. T-Mobile plans to launch 5G services in early 2019 in several U.S. cities, including Dallas.

The dual-band network will meet the 3GPP 5G new radio (NR) standards and use Nokia's AirScale remote radio heads and baseband platform, with the recently-announced ReefShark chipset, and Nokia's cloud-based core.

The network will support T-Mobile's narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) services.

In addition to installing the 5G network, Nokia will add capabilities to T-Mobile's existing LTE radio access network.

Neville Ray, chief technology officer of T-Mobile, said, "T-Mobile customers will get 5G in more places than anyone else. Working together with Nokia, the Un-carrier will be the first to roll out a nationwide 5G network."