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LadyBug’s LB5940L true RMS power sensor is a high accuracy sensor that performs a wide range of power measurements. The multi-path sensor uses diodes operating in their square-law region to make measurements similar to thermal sensors, yet much faster and with greater dynamic range.

Covering frequencies from 9 kHz to 40 GHz, the LB5940L was designed with instrument calibration and electromagnetic compatibility testing in mind. Many devices produce high-power levels when range switching during calibration. The LB5940L sensor’s damage level of 27 dBm continuous power and greater than 1 W for pulsed signals affords a measure of safety in these circumstances. LadyBug’s patented zero and thermal technology eliminate drift associated with high sensitivity measurements. The sensor remains stable over its entire operating temperature range of 0°C to +55°C.

The LB5940L includes triggering features that allow users to make advanced triggering measurements. Positive and negative trigger delay, trigger hold off, internal level controlled trigger and external TTL triggering are included features. Trigger count enables multiple measurements to be returned with each measurement. In its faster mode, gated measurements allow detailed signal analysis, and gated data can be averaged or the entire trace returned.

The LB5940L uses an advanced, composite USB interface, enumerating as both a USB human interface device (HID) and USB test and measurement class (USBTMC) device. This advanced feature allows great flexibility for programmatic users. Test system designers that have VISA IO libraries can use the
USBTMC interface, and systems written in other environments can use the USB HID interface. This allows access on nearly any PC. The sensor is delivered with a full complement of software, including an easy-to-use application that supports multiple sensors and an interactive IO program to aid system developers. In addition to these tools, LadyBug provides support code to help developers get started quickly.

The LB5940L is a feature-rich sensor at an attractive price, providing customers with excellent value.

LadyBug Technologies
Santa Rosa, Calif.