RMS Power Sensor: LB5940L

LadyBug’s LB5940L true RMS power sensor is a high accuracy sensor that performs a wide range of power measurements. The multi-path sensor uses diodes operating in their square-law region to make measurements similar to thermal sensors, yet much faster and with greater dynamic range. Covering frequencies from 9 kHz to 40 GHz, the LB5940L was designed with instrument calibration and electromagnetic compatibility testing in mind. 

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RF Pulse Profiling Power Sensor: LB480A

The LB480A is a high dynamic range RF pulse profiling power sensor that provides the user with a time domain plot of the signals pulse modulation. Internal and external triggered measurements are possible. In addition to pulse profiling measurements, the sensor can continuously make over 2,000 settled average power measurement per second making it ideal for manufacturing test applications. The sensor also makes statistical peak & pulse measurements.

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