Articles by LadyBug Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA


Power Sensor: LB480A

The LB480A is a 50 MHz to 8 GHz high dynamic range RF & Microwave Power Sensor. In addition to average power, the sensor makes triggered pulse measurements and provides a time domain plot of the pulse power profile. The sensor also makes statistical pulse measurements including peak and pulse power. The sensor utilizes a 10 MHz video filter, making it ideal for many applications including radar, IoT, manufacturing test and more. 

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Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor: LB5940L

LadyBug’s thermally stable LB5940L True-RMS, 9 kHz to 40 GHz, wide dynamic range power sensor delivers fast accurate measurements on any signal with any modulation including wideband digital signals. Its unique two path design delivers better dynamic range than many 3 path sensors. SCPI commands and use either USBTMC, USB HID or connect directly with I2C or SPI.

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