LadyBug Technologies’ introduced the world’s first USB peak and pulse power sensor in 2007. Since that time the company has delivered many innovations including patented thermal technology that eliminates the need to zero the instrument prior to use. The new LB479A-HM1 is ideal for organically sealed hermetic.

Directly measure peak and pulse power:

 The LB479A-HM1 is a multi-path sensor designed specifically for making statistical pulse measurements. Power is collected over the capture time and bucketed to isolated the peak (usually the overshoot), pulse top (the average of the top of the pulse) and average power. Measurements are made in accordance with IEEE standard 181-2011.

Thermal Stability:

The companies’ patented zero and thermal processes that eliminate drift associated with high sensitivity detection technology is an ideal complement for isolated hermetic applications. These features allow accurate measurements to be made in undesirable environmental conditions with no user intervention. Uncertainty is specified over the entire operating temperature range of 0°C t0 +55°C. Unlike competitive sensors with internal zeroing and calibration features, the sensor is aware of the conditions around its noise floor and constantly adjusts itself. This eliminates interruption of measurements for zeroing.

Measurement range:

The sensor measures power down to -60 dBm and up to +20 dBm, allowing the measurement of low duty cycle signals and aiding making attenuator selection easy. The sensor has a detected video bandwidth of 10 MHz making it ideal for many industrial and defense applications. Offsets can be applied easily for high power applications, and the sensor includes frequency dependent offset tables to correct for cabling and attenuator errors. 

Software and Connectivity:

The sensor is shipped with a full complement of software including an easy to use application that supports multiple sensors. A Test Harness, development code in various languages and LabVIEW drivers are provided. In addition to these tools, LadyBug provides example code to help developers get started quickly.