LadyBug Technologies’ LB5944L, 9 kHz to 44 GHz USB power sensor delivers a world class 86 dB of dynamic range measuring from -60 dBm and up to +26 dBm. Further, the conservative noise and thermal stability allow the full dynamic range to be used with no drift. Option 050 extends the calibration to 50 GHz.

Not affected by signal modulation:

The multi-path sensor utilizes diodes operating in square law and makes measurement’s similar to thermal sensors, but much faster and of a much greater dynamic range. The signal is accurately measured regardless of the modulation content, for example a signal with 300 MHz bandwidth content is accurately measured. The sensor’s accuracy, dynamic range and speed make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. 

Thermal Stability:

The LB5944L’s patented zero and thermal processes eliminate drift associated with high sensitivity detection technology. The sensor remains stable over its entire operating temperature range of 0°C t0 +55°C. Uncertainty is specified over the entire operating temperature range and over the full measurement range with no user or automatic zeroing / calibration. Unlike competitive sensors with internal zeroing and calibration features, the sensor is aware of the conditions around its noise floor and constantly adjusts itself. This eliminates interruption of measurements for zeroing,

Software and Connectivity:

The sensor is shipped with a full complement of software including an easy to use multi-threaded application that supports multiple sensors can be used to implement a full array of triggering features.  To aid system developers, an Interactive IO program is provided. In addition to these tools, LadyBug provides support code to help developers get started quickly. The LB5944L utilizes an advanced composite USB interface and enumerates as both a USB HID device and a USBTMC device.