Compact, RMS responding, USB power sensor. Standard connector is 3.5 mm male, optional connectors available. All sensors are calibrated in accordance with ANSI Z540 and ISO 17025, and are first tier NIST traceable. Each sensor includes a cal certificate and data. 



  • Wide 86 dB dynamic range along with sensitivity of -60 dBm. 
  • Patented active thermal stabilization insures no drift or interruption during automated or manual measurements. The sensor is ideal for ATE applications.
  • Stable over its entire operating temperature range of 0°C to +55°C. The optional LB957A heated mounting bracket extends the lower temperature to -55°C.
  • Not affected by signal modulation. The True RMS sensor measures accurately regardless of the modulation content, for example a signal with 300 MHz bandwidth content is accurately measured.
  • Multi-path design utilizes diodes operating in square law to make measurements similar to thermal sensors, but much faster and of a much greater dynamic range.
  • Includes PMA-12 software featuring flexible power meter, logger, strip chart, analog meter, and more. The software package includes an Interactive IO program for ATE testing.
  • Advanced composite USB interface enumerates as both a USB HID device and a USBTMC device.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • Optional SPI / I2C interface for direct connectivity to microcontrollers FPGAs.
  • Optional unattended operation makes and stores measurements with only power applied.
  • Optional security options, ideal for defense applications. 
  • Optional analog recorder output is calibrated and scalable.


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