Anritsu Co. introduces Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) software for its Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A that expands the measurement functionality of the single-instrument solution to meet the growth in NB-IoT device development and manufacture. The NB-IoT Uplink Tx Measurement MX887067A software and NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms MV887067A package support 3GPP RF measurement tests for NB-IoT chipsets, modules and devices during production.

Installing the NB-IoT software options in the MT8870A enables accurate and efficient evaluation of communications equipment with built-in NB-IoT functions, as well as tests of the RF TRx characteristics of modules and devices. Installing the developed NB-IoT measurement software packages in the MT8870A supports fast and easy 3GPP NB-IoT device PHY layer (RF) tests, including power, frequency, modulation accuracy and Rx sensitivity.

These options are bundled with a PC application supporting signal analysis to assist engineers during design validation. A fully automatic measurement application is provided to simplify control of the MT8870A and chipsets during prototyping and mass-production testing.

Developed in collaboration with chipset vendors, the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A is a fully automated calibration and verification test solution. Featuring the world’s best multi-device under test (DUT) measurement tact time, the MT8870A lowers manufacturing cost-of-test and speeds time to market of chipsets, modules and devices that utilize 2G/3G/LTE/LTE-A, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, FM and similar wireless technologies. Up to four high-performance test units can be installed in one main chassis, with each unit performing independent parallel measurements for simultaneous evaluation of up to four wireless devices.