The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has launched the MiniLAB l 6 GHz Over-The-Air (OTA) test system, which is the first product manufactured in mainland China by the company. It was unveiled during the inauguration ceremony of the Group’s new subsidiary in Shenzhen, on 19 October. This new office serves simultaneously as a commercial branch and as a production, support, and systems engineering center.

MVG is at the forefront of 5G Wireless Connectivity and the increasing number of players that have entered or plan to enter the IoT market will need to test and optimize the wireless performance of their devices. In order to meet these growing needs, MVG has leveraged the Group's technological expertise to develop the MiniLAB l 6 GHz OTA, a new turn-key compact, mobile, easy to use test system.

Distributed worldwide, the MiniLAB l 6 GHz OTA is claimed to hold a highly competitive position in terms of price and performance. As such, it is geared toward a wide-ranging market of potential customers.

It features a mechanically innovative Faraday cage that automatically opens vertically, combined with its proven multi-probe technology. The system can be used to make quick Over-The-Air (OTA) measurements with great precision, including low-power sensitivity measurements. The automation of the test system and the intuitive user interface enables companies with no experience in antenna testing to efficiently perform OTA testing with high accuracy.

The MiniLAB l 6 GHz OTA uses proven electronic scanning technology to evaluate the electromagnetic field on a full sphere surrounding the antenna. Power is measured using an array of bipolar probes that scan the object within a few seconds. The field is then reconstructed for visualization and post-processing. The MiniLAB I 6 GHz OTA is the perfect solution for IoT measurements, M2M, wearable devices as well as for smartphones, tablets, laptops.

After the successful launch of the 5G antenna measurement product, StarLab 50 GHz, the Group is reaffirming its ambitions for the promising IoT and 5G markets in numerous sectors including connected cities, healthcare, mobility, manufacturing, energy.