As part of its client commitment and the opportunity to introduce the antenna-less technology in a more visual way, Fractus Antennas has launched a series of three video tutorials to show customers and partners how easy it is to embed an antenna booster component into any IoT/mobile device.

The main advantage is that no antenna customization is needed, and watching the three videos, each only one minute long, will enable designers to integrate the antenna booster into virtually any device by simply designing a matching network. After the matching network is created the same antenna can operate across multiple communication standards.

Regardless of whether the wireless device is a smart meter or a smartphone, the antenna component and the design methodology remain always the same, resulting in a multiband, full performance and reliable wireless connection.

This technology was featured in the Cover Story for the October 2017 issue of Microwave Journal, which was titled: Antenna-less Wireless: The Happy Marriage Between Antennas and Microwave Engineering.