AtlanTecRF has launched a new Ultra Broadband Amplifier, covering the 50 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range in a single unit. This 25 dB gain block delivers up to 18 dB at 1 dB compression and yet has a typical noise figure of just 1.8 dB, thereby making it an all round, general purpose amplifier with applications in test measurement, electronic countermeasures and scientific research as well as a whole range of communication equipment.

The new model draws just 180 mA from a 12V DC supply, exhibits 27 dBm third order intercept and output VSWR down to 1.5:1, while another key feature is its reverse isolation of 60 dB. Vital statistics in the environmental area include altitude up to 60,000 feet, vibration to 25 g RMS and relative humidity of 100% at +35ºC temperature. Connectors are SMA female and the gold-plated housing size is 1.18 by 1.58 by 0.47 inches with an overall weight less than 160 g.

Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF’s CEO said; “In listening to our customers we know that affordable performance is at the top of their wish list and this new Amplifier, with a multitude of applications, delivers big time on this need”.

The new BBA Amplifier is available in both an epoxy sealed version with an operating temperature range of -45ºC to +85ºC or a laser welded version extending the temperature range to -55 to +125ºC.