Stainless-steel Butterfly Hangers
These stainless-steel butterfly hangers for use with LMR® flexible coaxial cables are available for cables sizes from LMR-400 (3/8") through LMR-1700 (1-1/4"). The hangers provide a versatile means of securing single runs of coax in a variety of tower and rooftop installation environments. Constructed entirely from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the hangers are suitable for long-term exposure in extreme weather conditions, and integrated cable grippers firmly secure the cable to provide additional support in heavy wind and ice loadings.
Times Microwave Systems, Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8489.

Automatic Jacket Stripper
The JacketStrip 8400 automatic jacket stripper is designed to strip the outer jackets of difficult or hard-to-process power cables and has the ability to perform a full strip up to approximately eight inches long on round cable with a maximum outline dimension of one inch. The stripper includes four rotary blades and pneumatic clamping jaws to ensure consistently accurate cuts at a rate of five inches per second. Stripping length and cable diameter can be changed in seconds with no timely changeovers, thereby eliminating downtime. With 200 pounds of pull force, the JacketStrip can pull off tough insulation from many types of wire and cable, including Teflon, neoprene, fiberglass and silicone.
Schleuniger Inc., Manchester, NH (603) 668-8117, ext. 500.