Compact, USB, RF pulse profiling sensor. Variety of connectors are available. All sensors are calibrated in accordance with ANSI Z540 and ISO 17025, and are first tier NIST traceable. Each sensor includes a cal certificate and data.



  • Wide 80 dB dynamic range in pulse & pulse profiling mode along with sensitivity of -60 dBm. 
  • In addition to pulse measurements, the sensor can make 2,000 settled average measurements per second, continuously. Ideal for source calibration, antenna testing and other applications requiring fast continuous measurements.  
  • Patented active thermal stabilization insures no drift or interruption during automated or manual measurements. The sensor is ideal for ATE applications.
  • Stable over its entire operating temperature range of 0°C to +55°C. The optional LB957A heated mounting bracket extends the lower temperature to -55°C.
  • The sensor makes triggered and un-triggered statistical pulse measurements such as peak power, pulse power and duty cycle. 
  • Multi-path design for excellent dynamic range.
  • Includes a flexible software power meter and data logger. The software package includes a test harness for ATE testing.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • Standard 10 MHz video bandwidth in statistical pulse mode.
  • Optional triggering capability.
  • Optional analog recorder output is calibrated and scalable.Vendor-View-Logo A1