Analog Devices, Inc. released a GaN power amplifier (PA) that provides 35 W with 20 dB power gain and up to 44 percent power-added efficiency (PAE) from 300 MHz to 6 GHz.

The HMC8205 operates with CW as well as pulsed signals, and no external matching is required to cover the full band. The PA integrates the RF bias choke, so no external inductor is required to bias the amplifier. The amplifier is biased with 50 V and typically draws 1.3 A. The PA has integrated DC blocking capacitors and is packaged in a 10-lead ceramic leaded chip carrier (LDCC).

The HMC8205 GaN MMIC amplifier was designed to maximize integration and minimize external circuitry and board footprint, reducing overall component count and board space. This makes it easier for designers to use the PA in system designs. The wide bandwidth and output power of the HMC8205 make it useful for wireless infrastructure, radar, land mobile radio and test equipment applications.

Samples and production quantities are available now. The HMC8205 is priced at $469 with a 1,000 quantity order.