Custom MMIC added two low loss, high linearity and high isolation MMIC mixers to their growing family of fundamental, I/Q and image rejection mixers. The CMD181 and CMD261 are general purpose double-balanced mixers that can be used for up-conversion and down-conversion, as image rejection mixers or single sideband modulators with the appropriate external hybrids and power splitters.

The CMD181 fundamental mixer’s RF and LO operates from 26 to 45 GHz with a wide IF bandwidth of DC to 12 GHz. With a low conversion loss of 6.5 dB, the CMD181 MMIC mixer also features high LO to RF isolation of 37 dB and LO to IF isolation of 29 dB. This mixer is also highly linear, with an input IP3 of +22 dBm.

The CMD261 mixer enables frequency band translation, with an RF from 30 to 46 GHz, an LO frequency range of 16 to 31 GHz and an IF frequency range from 5 to 20 GHz. With only 8 dB conversion loss, the CMD261 MMIC mixer also features high LO to RF isolation of 30 dB and LO to IF isolation of 20 dB.

These new GaAs mixers are available in compact die form and can operate reliably from −55°C to +85°C.