For communication, radar and test applications, SAGE Millimeter has released a W-Band Varactor tuned Gunn oscillator. Model SOV-94306310-10-G1 utilizes a high-performance GaAs Gunn diode and proprietary cavity design to deliver +13 dBm typical power. The oscillator features a Varactor tuning range of ±3 GHz and delivers low AM/FM noise and harmonic emissions.

Compared to its counterparts, such as multiplier based sources, the Gunn oscillator is a lower cost and cleaner source. The center frequency of the oscillator can be mechanically trimmed within ±100 MHz using the self-locking set screw.  The performance of the oscillator can be further enhanced by adding an isolator, Gunn oscillator modulator/regulator and temperature heater.


  • Low AM/FM Noise and Harmonics
  • Mechanical Frequency Trimming
  • Broad Tuning Bandwidth


  • Test Sources
  • Signal Generation
  • FMCW Radar Systems
  • Communication Systems

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